Energiser Investments plc

Our Focus

Energiser invests predominantly in direct real estate assets and real estate operating companies.

Direct Investment

Energiser invests directly in real estate equity and debt.​



The Company invests equity directly in real estate sectors that exhibit imbalances that are expected to translate into value appreciation in the medium term. For example, there is currently an excess of demand over supply in segments of the UK’s South East residential sector and particular shortages of housing in large UK Cities.


It also invests directly in short term secured real estate debt for durations of up to 36 months. This can be whole loan or mezzanine finance in acquisition or development situations. For borrowers we can act quickly and adjust loan terms to fit each unique situation. For our shareholders we aim to protect the principal invested while delivering high relative income returns.

Operating Companies

Energiser invests in real estate operating companies.​

Real Estate Operating Companies are businesses that have a real estate portfolio that is utilized by the over-riding operating business for day to day operations. This brings together the granular and diversified revenue streams from the business (rents and services), the value created by the operating platform itself, and, the value of the underlying real estate into one single investment.

Real Estate Operating Company categories include:-

  • Residential (student accommodation, serviced apartments, co-living)
  • Storage (private unit self-storage, low cost container self-storage, shared space warehouse self storage)
  • Leisure (marinas, resorts like lodge and caravan parks)

Because of the more granular and diversified revenue sources, well run Real Estate Operating Companies can be less volatile, with more sustainable income, and can attract higher valuation multiples.

Opportunistic Investment

Energiser invests in Opportunistic transactions.

Opportunistic investments tend to be mispriced companies, portfolios or assets. They may have distressed financial structures or physical asset management problems.

Financial distress includes owning negative equity positions that require loan restructuring or overall refinancing. Applying expertise and fresh capital can encourage discounted sales from owners and mutually beneficial trades with banks to resolve loan problems. This can create immediate value for the new owner.

Physical asset distress incudes a physical problem with an asset or structural vacancies making the asset dysfunctional. By implementing the correct asset plan with an experienced operating partner dysfunctional assets can be turned from almost valueless to highly valuable.